Sophie Blackall‘s NYC Subway poster for the New York MTA Arts for Transit program.


Sophie Blackall - MTA Arts for Transit

Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I’m trying to pin a few of them down.


Missed Connections, I find on the train: subtle interactions, eccentricity, beauty, sorrow, secrets, kindness, generosity, excellent hairdos. Every sort of person imaginable and unimaginable. For this poster, I measured my allotted space very carefully and figured out I had enough space to draw 34 people. I had to whittle and whittle my list of favorite characters. The surfer standing with his board in a puddle of water didn’t make it. Neither did the gorgeous elderly drag queen, the man with the enormous orange velour armchair or the disheveled mermaids. I’m sorry. I still love you.


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 1


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 2


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 3


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 4


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 5


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 6


Sophie Blackall Subway Art Part 7


Check out her book, Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found.
Australian artist and kids’ book illustrator Sophie Blackall breathes new and wondrous life into the Missed Connections section of with whimsical, funny, and achingly beautiful paintings based on the short descriptions of strangers who would be more.

Check out her prints on Etsy.


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